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The Benefits of Chair Yoga

By Lubna Sheikh on 17th July 2017

Yoga, when practised regularly, could help prevent injuries and prevent or slow down diseases, whilst having a positive impact on your general health. Yoga is not just for young supple people who can bend into any shape. You may be surprised to learn that yoga is enjoyed by the elderly and those with mobility and disability issues. Chair yoga can be practised your own home in the comfort of your very own chair!

Chair yoga exercises sitting on chairs, following the instructor

Chair Yoga can be beneficial to all especially the elderly or people with mobility issues.

Here are some of the benefits of chair yoga that could help those with mobility problems.

  1. Flexibility
    Tasks many take for granted, like bending to reach low objects or even the tying of shoes laces can be difficult for some. Chair yoga can help those with these potentially problematic routine activities by improving flexibility.
  2. Strength
    Improving strength is a good benefit of chair yoga. This can give weak or elderly people a better chance to undertake daily activities, including hobbies, independently. Also, if someone has suffered an injury a stronger body will be able to handle it better and, in the future, help prevent similar injuries.
  3. Pain Management and Stress
    Yoga and chair yoga include some breath work, which can be good for managing pain but also for stress management. With both meditation and paying close attention to breathing, you can aid your mind and body to cope with conditions that you may suffer with.
  4. Mental State
    Chair yoga can reduce the impact of pain and illnesses. For the older generation, it could aid them in coping with loneliness and the perception of isolation. A calm and relaxing life should lead to a happier existence; this is something that all can benefit from.
  5. Social
    Becoming a member of a chair yoga class will provide a base, the venue, to socialise and hopefully make new acquaintances and friends. It is however, important that the right class is selected for you. The yoga instructor will be able to guide you on your level, what level you should be starting at and where you should be aiming longterm. A good teacher will be able to adapt the exercises for your requirements.
  6. Proprioception
    Co-ordination and knowing where your body is in the space around you is called proprioception. This is an important ability for all but especially for older people who are more prone to falls and injury. For conditions like MS and other disabilities, it can help with greater control over your bodily movements.

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