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Third Trimester Massage in London

Third Trimester Massage in LondonPregnancy and birth is a wonderful thing, but it is also extremely uncomfortable, especially by the time you get to the third trimester.

The swelling, the body aches, and the inability to sleep are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to pregnancy woes.

A third-trimester massage is a gentle massage that you can get to provide your body with some relief and prepare for labour.

The benefits of these massages are extensive, but of course, as with everything else, it is important that you consider your own situation and include your doctor or another medical professional in any decisions you are making in regards to your pregnancy.

The Benefits

Prenatal massages are a safe way that most mothers can get some relief for the uncomfortable symptoms that come along with pregnancy.

Of course, benefits will appear differently for different people, but here are some of the most widespread benefits that mothers feel when they choose to get a massage during their third trimester.

Drug-free relaxation

Relaxing can be difficult during pregnancy, especially as you get closer to the due date. As the baby moves around, sleep becomes increasingly difficult, and your body aches even when you are just sitting still, the idea of a peaceful, comfortable moment may sound imaginary.

You can not eat certain foods that may have been your comfort food, and many medicines that could relieve your symptoms are off-limit.

A massage, on the other hand, is something most expectant mothers can do to reward themselves with moments of relaxation and relief without the use of any substance/drug.

Prevents Stretch Marks

Massaging your skin and muscles, especially towards the end of your pregnancy, is a great way to avoid stretchmarks. A lot of women feel uncomfortable or upset by their own stretch marks. If that is the case for you, getting a massage can help you avoid that upset.

Anything you can do to make yourself feel happier and more comfortable in your changing body is worth it.

Circulatory and Lymphatic System

Proper functionality of the circulatory and lymphatic system is important to both mother and baby. Prenatal massages focus on gently supporting and stimulating these systems so that blood flow can reach mom and baby.

Additionally, it allows toxins and wastes to be properly disposed of so that the mother can feel her best as she approaches labour.

Things to Know

  1. Go somewhere that specializes in pregnancy massages. A prenatal massage is going to be different than massages at other points in your life to ensure the safety of both you and your baby. The massage therapist providing you with the massage should know what your body needs at this point in time
  2. Avoid deep tissue massages. A prenatal massage should be a lot gentler than other types of massages. Your body is at a very pivotal point, and you do not want to risk hurting it or feeling more uncomfortable rather than better
  3. Hydrate. Drinking lots of water before and after the massage will help flush out toxins (one of the main benefits of these massages.) When you get rid of unneeded chemicals and toxins, you will feel significantly better
  4. Make sure that pregnancy pillows are provided so that you can lie comfortably without excess pressure on your belly. This time is for you, and it should be as safe and comfortable as possible
  5. Do not lay flat on your back. For maximum comfort, relief, and safety, you should not lay flat, but rather you should be elevated


The most comfortable and most beneficial position you can lay in during a third-trimester massage is on your side with support pillows for your belly, but it really depends on what is most comfortable for you.

Most professional’s tables can be moved into various positions to allow you to sit or lay in supported positions that are comfortable for you.

When You Should Not Get One

First of all, you should always check with your doctor before you try out anything new. Only medical professionals that know your situation can give you proper advice.

However, it can be safe to say that if you have a high-risk pregnancy or are prone to cramping, bleeding, or clotting, you should consider skipping the prenatal massage.

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