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Thai Yoga Massage in London

Thai Yoga Massage is an ancient healing art/system, traditionally practiced from around 2000 years ago in Buddhist temples. Thai Yoga Massage developed at the same time as the arrival of Buddhism in Thailand and is an extension of the Buddhist practice, particularly meditation. Firstly, the intention is to experience a sense of awareness and being present in each moment. Secondly, to honour metta or “loving kindness.” Thai Yoga Massage is said to be the physical application of metta, practised in Thailand for many years with roots found in Northern India.


What is Thai Yoga Massage London?  Also known as ‘lazy man’s yoga’

Thai Yoga Massage London is balancing for mind, body, and spirit. The massage or kata can last anything from 1 to 3 hours. It is done through clothes, no oil is used. I believe Thai Yoga Massage is the most thorough massage there is, combining acupressure, palming and a never-ending number of stretching techniques. It is also known as ‘lazy man’s yoga’ because the therapist pulls the receiver into yoga stretches, such as cobra. This is done after massage where the receiver will be pressed with palms and thumbs and receive gentle rocking movements from the giver. When the body is relaxed and awakened through massage the stretches begin. I will repeat each stretch two or three times, This allows the body to let go and relax a little more each time you stretch.

The intention with these techniques is to release blockages and stimulate the free flow of energy. The constant rhythm of the kata is very relaxing, the receiver lies on a mat on the floor, dressed in loose warm comfortable clothing. Thai Yoga Massage is nurturing for both the giver and the receiver –a flow and pace that will pulse through the session –a close dance between two bodies. There is a never-ending number of stretches and techniques. No two treatments are ever the same, you can keep on learning forever!


An air purifier which uses aromatherapy oils is used to make the room smell lovely and set the ambiance, with a lightened candle in the background to create a peaceful atmosphere. A soothing selection of relaxing, meditative music is provided and available to help with visualization, mindfulness, and relaxation during the treatment.

Please bring some clothes you feel comfortable in, a top and some trousers. In the case where a client might turn up for treatment with tight or unsuitable clothing I will provide freshly cleaned loose cotton clothing for ease of movement.

Benefits of Thai Yoga Massage

Thai Yoga Massage is extremely effective in treating frozen shoulder, asthma, back pain, sciatica, poor posture, and stress or fatigue. Other benefits include great flexibility in the joints, it enhances blood circulation and better aligns the body. Thai Yoga Massage is a great treatment for pain relief, it can reduce aches and pains, improve digestion and circulation, it promotes softer breathing, improved flexibility, and physical performance

Thai Yoga Massage improves posture and stimulates the internal organs, just like yoga. The receiver can reach a deep feeling of relaxation and tranquility.

Thai Yoga Massage is wonderful in pregnancy, there are plenty of techniques to apply a full body massage to pregnant women. This is applied while the woman is lying on her side. Thai Yoga Massage is not only extremely beneficial for the person receiving the massage, but is a healing experience for both people involved.

Revitalise your energy levels. 

Most people say they feel lighter, calmer and more energetic after a Thai Yoga Massage. This is because you are developing intuitions for the energy flow in your body.

I normally start the massage with the lowest part of the body gravity wise – your feet, and then work my way up the body. Thai Yoga Massage teaches that energy must be pushed up towards your body and further. This is because gravity is responsible for pushing your energy levels downwards. Pushing your energy levels up towards the core of your body will help counter gravity.

The techniques used in Thai yoga massage are will increase the flow of oxygen and nutrients through your body. The natural removal of metabolic byproducts and other waste will also be enhanced through the pressing techniques.Thai Massage London

Release Stress through Thai Yoga Massage:

Rebalancing yourself after a stressful day can help you make the most out of the issues dealt with in a short period of time. Thai Massage has been proven to reduce so-called “enzymatic stress markers”.

What to expect from a Thai Yoga Massage in London?

Thai Yoga massage relies on compression. Our therapist carries out rhythmic pressing movements with her hands and fingers that allow her to remove tension from your muscles. During your Thai Yoga massage, you will place your body on a futon mat. You will wear loose clothing throughout.

As you lay on the futon mat, our therapist will place your body into several different positions throughout the course of a Thai Yoga massage. This allows the therapist to stretch your body from several different angles. The therapist will move your body with zero effort on your part. This is one reason why Thai Yoga massage is known as ‘lazy man’s yoga’.

About Thai Yoga massage in London

Thai Yoga massage has been practiced in London for many years. However, the popularity of Thai Yoga massage really took off in the 1990s. Bodywork Massage was one of the first massage practices in London to offer Thai Yoga massage. We have invested in large padded mats to allow our therapist to replicate the experience you would expect to receive in Thailand. However, departing from tradition, we also offer ‘table Thai’. This is when traditional Thai Yoga massage is carried out on a massage table. This form of Thai Yoga massage is largely unknown in Thailand itself.

What are the basics of Thai Yoga massage?

The basics of ThaiY oga massage is to work on the meridian energy lines located throughout the body. When this flow of energy becomes blocked, you become more prone to suffer from illness and fatigue. Thai Yoga massage helps to restore this flow of energy. Thai Yoga massage thus helps to prevent illness and balance in your life.

Our therapist has developed an intuitive ability to channel the flow of meridian energy. We apply pressure in parts of your body that encourage this flow of energy. Thai Yoga massage strokes also remove muscle tension and relax tight muscle areas that are bringing you discomfort.

Our therapist utilise their body weight when helping to release stored up tension within your muscles. Our therapist leverages her body weight to ensure the correct level of pressure is applied to help to release stored up tension in your muscles.

How does Thai Yoga massage differ from other forms of massage?

Many Western forms of massage take place on a couch or table and rely heavily on oils. In contrast, Thai Yoga massage makes use of muscle stretching, pressure points, and compression to help to restore balance and release tension. When performing a Thai Yoga massage, our therapist will utilise their knees, elbows, feet, and head. Unlike Western massage, Thai Yoga massage generally does not utilise oils, and you will be placed on a mat and not on a table whilst a Thai Yoga massage is performed. You are also fully clothed when you undergo a Thai Yoga massage.

Who is Thai Yoga massage suitable for?

Thai Yoga massage is the perfect choice for people looking to release the build-up of muscle tension. Thai Yoga massage is also ideal if you are looking to improve your flexibility and improve the mobility of your joints. Thai Yoga massage also improves blood circulation and helps to strengthen your immune system. Thai Yoga massage is thus suitable for anyone who is looking to improve their general health.

Thai Yoga massage is particularly suitable for people who experience muscle tension, or those experiencing from psychological or physical fatigue.

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