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Thai Massage in London

Thai Yoga Massage Central LondonDo you require Thai massage in London? If so, what follows will certainly be of interest. At Bodywork Massage, we have offered Thai massage in London for many years, and we follow the highest standards possible. This is because we abide by Thai massage teachings set out by the Wat Pho Thai Traditional Massage School in Bangkok. This means we offer the most authentic form of Thai massage in London.

Below, we offer information to inform you about Thai massage. If you would like to book, contact us today on 07904 786 888.

What happens during a Thai massage in London?

If you’ve never had a Thai massage before, then you should really be excited. Thai massage is superb when it comes to releasing stress and for promoting general health. Many of you reading this will have undergone a Thai massage before, perhaps in Thailand during a holiday. If so, the procedure we follow is identical to what you would have already received in Thailand. We uphold the standards set out by the internationally acclaimed Wat Pho Thai Traditional Massage School in Bangkok.

If you are new to Thai massage, then you may be surprised to discover the difference to other common forms of massage that are popular in London. For instance, unlike Swedish massage, Thai massage does not involve the use of oil.

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What should I wear during a Thai massage in London?

Throughout a Thai massage, you remain fully clothed. This is because Thai massage does not involve the use of oil. However, we strongly recommend you wear loose clothing. Thai massage demands maximum flexibility, so it is important for you to avoid clothing that will restrict your movement in any way. Thai massage is similar to Yoga, and so you must be able to stretch. Unlike yoga, you will not direct stretch movements yourself. The flow of the massage is directed by the massage therapist. This is one reason why Thai massage is often termed the ‘lazy man’s’ yoga (or woman’s!)

What are the key principles of Thai massage in London?

Thai massage is classified as an Eastern massage technique. Thai massage developed from Ayurvedic medicine, which ironically originated in India and not Thailand. From Ayurvedic medicine, Thai massage borrowed the concept of ‘energy flow’. This concept assumes energy flows throughout the body via Sen (energy) lines. When these lines become blocked, poor health ensues. Thai massage aims to remove Sen line blockages in order to promote good health. At Bodywork Massage, we agree with this theory, although we believe there exists a biological basis for this phenomena.

During your Thai massage in London, our therapist will aim to remove blockages in Sen lines located throughout your body. This will restore maximum energy flow and help to promote good health. After your Thai massage is completed, you will feel extremely relaxed and reinvigorated.

What happens during a Thai massage in London?

If you have not undergone a Thai massage before, you may wonder what actually happens.  When you enter our London massage study, you will receive your massage on a massage couch. Thai massage is a full body treatment, so you will move throughout the massage. At the start of the Thai massage, you will lie on your back. The therapist will begin by massaging your feet. The therapist will concentrate on your body’s ‘sen lines’, and to accomplish this, the therapist will push up and down your body during the course of your Thai massage.  The therapist will use his or her thumbs, palms, knees and forearms to remove blockages in sen lines.

As well as using pressing techniques, the therapist will also make use of yoga stretches. The therapist will have regard to your general level of flexibility when carrying out these stretches. If you are not too flexible, the therapist will account for this by minimising stretches so that they are not painful for you during your Thai massage.