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The Benefits of Reiki

By Lubna Sheikh on 22nd March 2018

Reiki is an old Japanese healing technique, which is done by delivering vital healing energy by means of touch. Not only does it help with the physical issues you might suffer from, but also psychologically.

The Reiki movement started in the early 1920s by Mikao Usui, after studying ancient healing methods for years. The main basis of Reiki is about teaching to heal yourself first before being able to heal others. Many Reiki Masters, therefore, teach you, to heal yourself through Reiki.

Recently, many mainstream healers have seen the benefits of Reiki alongside traditional medicine, which has resulted in many hospitals offering Reiki treatment.

The Benefits of Reiki: How to Boost your Physical Health

One of the benefits of Reiki is that it helps you become healthier through the fact that your mind is in control of your body.

Reiki will calm you down, stimulate relaxation and therefore will lower your blood pressure and strengthen your immune system, which in turn leads to an improved level of physical well-being.

A few physical ailments Reiki can help you get rid of are:

  • Migraine: one of the most obvious and well-documented cases of stress-related physical
    ailments. Through Reiki, you lower your stress-levels and eliminate migraines.
  • Arthritis: through gaining vital energy by means of Reiki, you can stop the condition from worsening, as stress and energy levels tend to be vital in the recovery process.
Benefits of Reiki

A Traditional Reiki Healing Stone

The Benefits of Reiki: Improve your State of Mind

Many people to suffer from mental health issues like depression and anxiety, which could lead in turn to a worse physical state. Your mind is one with your body, and Reiki can help you get the relaxation your body needs, to stay healthy.

Reiki also helps you become a more focused person and will improve your performance at work, which is often a common complaint in people who suffer from stress-related disorders, and a negative state of mind.

Anxiety disorders are often the effect of a long-lasting negative state of mind. Traditional medicine can help dampen the symptoms, however, Reiki can help you find the source of the anxiety through positive energy, and tackle it head-on.

Overall, Reiki Treatment can be useful for many different ailments.

At Bodywork Massage, we can help you find alternative ways to become healthy, both in the mind and physically. Not only do I offer Reiki Treatment, but I also offer various bespoke meal plans, through natural foods.

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