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On-Site Massage in London

On Site Massage or Seated Acupressure Chair Massage is a stimulating, dynamic and rejuvenating massage. It is called On Site Massage because it is usually performed at the work site, wherever that may be. It is suitable for everyone from office workers to theatrical performers. On Site Massage relieves stress in high tension areas of the upper body and promotes a renewed sense of well being, energy and vitality.

Therapists use a combination of massage and acupressure techniques to the back, neck, shoulders, arms and scalp while the client sits in a specifically designed chair. On Site Massage is performed through clothes and lasts around 20 minutes. The beauty of On Site Massage and what separates it from other therapies is that it is easily portable to any environment. It require very little space and because the client remains fully clothed, there are no modesty issues. Therapists can work in a team and see many clients in the space of a few hours.

 Benefits of On Site Massage

On Site Massage can benefit those with backache, headaches, eyestrain and migraines. Whilst feeling great to receive it can reduce bodily stiffness and improve flexibility. On Site Massage can help with repetitive strain injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome, it helps to boost the immune system and with digestive issues.

On Site Massage focuses on the most common areas of stress – the shoulders, head, neck and arms.  The therapy will also help to stimulate and balance the entire body. The techniques stimulate the circulatory, nervous, muscular and lymphatic systems while promoting the release of endorphins and a general feeling of well being. It is perfect for that mid afternoon lull and when deadlines and the stress of the week are catching up with you!

 What to Expect with an On Site Massage

chair-massage-londonUnlike other massages, On Site Massage is performed on a piece of equipment specifically designed for this massage. The massage chair completely supports the client’s body, allowing the therapist easy access to the client’s acupressure points without the need for the removal of any clothing or the use of massage oils.

On Site Massage lasts around 20 minutes, however, the length of treatment can be extended or reduced, after even 5 minutes you will feel a difference. It is a meridian based therapy in which thumb, finger, elbow and knuckle pressure are used over the major meridians accessible on the back, neck, head and arms. On Site Massage is a quick, dynamic, stress busting therapy after which you can return to work feeling full of energy and in a clearly focused frame of mind.

On Site Massage in the Workplace

On Site Massage is the ideal modality for a busy workplace. The therapy can easily fit into an employee’s break time. Millions of working days are lost due to self reported work related illness. Stress, depression or anxiety and musculoskeletal issues account for the majority of these lost working days. Headaches, eyestrain and bodily fatigue are other unwelcome side effects from an ever increasing demand to work in front of a computer.

Massage in the workplace is a win win situation. Employees feel more cared about by the corporations or businesses they work for and employers will see an energised and refreshed workforce which leads to a more productive one.



Liverpool Street is the nearest station, however I’m about half a mile away from Shoreditch High St, Moorgate, Fenchurch and Cannon Street Stations.

Liverpool Street Train Station, City Of London EC2M 7PY

A few minutes walk from Liverpool Street Station, Bishopsgate Exit, cross the road at the traffic lights, you’ll see a Tesco’s on the other side of the road, turn left, past Boots and the next right, Middlesex Street, I’m on the right, opposite Nando’s.

Shoreditch High Street Train Station, Hackney E1 6GJ

15 minutes walk. Come out of the station, take a left on Bishopsgate, walk down until you see the Wooden Shades pub, lake a left, crossing the road onto Middlesex Street, I’m opposite Nando’s.

Moorgate Train Station, City Of London EC2Y 9AE

12 minutes walk, come out of the station, take a left onto Moorfields, then a right on to South Place, turning Eldon Street until you see Itsu, the road bends to the right, take a left on to Liverpool Street.

Fenchurch Street Train Station, City Of London EC3 4AJ

12 minutes walk, come out of the station, take a left on to Fenchurch Street, then at the junction take a right on to Bishopsgate, walk along on the right hand side until you see Dirty Dicks pub and take another right onto Middlesex Street, I’m opposite Nando’s.

Cannon Street Train Station, City Of London EC4N 6AP

17 minutes walk, come out of the station, take a right on to Walbrook,walk  past Bank tube station, carry on until Threadneedle Street, then on to Bishopgate, cross over to the right hand side, past Dirty Dicks pub, next right on to Middlesex Street. I’m opposite Nando’s.



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My name is Lubna and I am a Holistic Food Coach, Natural Chef, Massage Specialist & Yoga teacher. I am passionate about your health and well-being. After spending years working in property management in London I was left feeling stressed and unfulfilled.

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