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Natural Lift Facial Massage in London

Natural Lift MassageNatural Lift Facial Massage, also known as Japanese Facial Rejuvenation helps to relieve muscular tension, loosening tight facial muscles resulting in a natural face lift. The massage differs from a Western facial in that it is not just about the appearance of the skin, it works at a much deeper level. A Natural Lift facial Massage is relaxing for the entire body, working with meridiens that affect the internal organs. A small amount of oil is used to aid the flow of the massage and nourish the skin.

Natural Lift Facial Massage is a treatment that combines the rejuvenating and uplifting effects of an oil massage with the deeply relaxing and healing effects of acupressure. The combined use of these techniques will enhance the flow of blood, bodily fluids to and from the facial tissues, energising and promoting healthy new cell growth. Facial tissues are encouraged to plump up and lift from the inside giving a natural non surgical face lift.


The Skin

The skin is made of two layers, the epidermis and the dermis. Underneath these are a layer of subcutaneous fat, a loose connective tissue which attaches to the muscle tissue and deeper fascia. Wrinkles occur in the dermis layer the skin and lessen the degree of elasticity. The subcutaneous fat which pads the skin decreases. Wrinkles typically appear as a result of ageing, habitual sleeping patterns, loss of body mass, sun damage, smoing, poor hydration and many other issues.

There are 3 factors when it comes to the ageing of the skin – biological, environmental and mechanical. The therapist is working with mechanical issues such as repeated muscle movement like facial expressions. Facial exercises, good diet and plenty of water are key to healthy skin. Stimulating the circulation with a Natural Lift Facial Massage will promote new cell growth and aid the healing process of damaged skin or scarring and benefit many skin conditions.

Natural Lift Facial Massage Techniques

Natural Lift Facial Massage dates back from thousands of years, the concept originating in Japan and India. The techniques are more extensive and varied than a spa facial. During the session you will be lying on a massage couch, covered with a blanket while various techniques are applied. These include acupressure and massage techniques similar to a Swedish Massage on the ears, scalp, neck and shoulders. The face and scalp hold a lot of the body and mind’s tension. It is often easy to see if somebody is stressed or happy just by looking at their face! As we go through life our facial expressions form habits or patterns. A Natural Lift Facial Massage aims to release the areas of the face and scalp that become stuck, such as frowns or nightly teeth grinding.

Gua Sha

Gua Sha is an alternative therapy, which works by skin scraping. A massage tool is often used to scrape the skin. One of its main benefits is the fact that it improves circulation, which has been proven to help heal wounds and improve issues such as chronic pain. Gua Sha can also be applied on the face. Not only does it improve circulation, but you will also notice an improvement in your physical appearance with healthier look.

Benefits of Gua Sha:

  • Firmer facial muscles
  • Smoothens the Skin
  • Improves the Circles around your eyes
  • Lightens the age spots
  • Improves Circulation
  • More radiant complexion

Toxins are released during the scraping of the skin and mini haemorrhages occur within your face which stimulates immune response. Immune response will then reduce inflammation around the scraped area. Gua Sha also helps you balance your chi better, which can lead to more energy throughout your entire body.

Jade Rolling

Jade Rolling is an ancient technique, which has been recently hailed as one of the most efficient treatments to help appear younger and healthier. Jade Rolling is done through rolling a crystal on your face, that can lead to enhanced blood circulation and helps the lymphatic drainage process. This aids skin care products helping them be more effective. It also flushes out toxins and can help stimulate collagen production.

Again, chi plays a big part in improving your health through jade rolling. According to ancient Chinese medicine, any kind of mental health issue or pains could be an affect from a poor, unbalanced chi. Healthy eating can help increase your chi, see our Natural Cooking page for more information.

Natural Lift Facial Massage Benefits

A Natural Lift Facial Massage reduces the onset and appearance of wrinkles, tones facial and neck muscles and assists the breakdown of fibrous adhesions scar tissue. The massage can also lift your mood, relieve aches and pain and reduce stress. Blood and lymph circulation is improved, skin elasticity is maximised and increase in energy levels can leave one feeling energised.

A Natural Lift Facial Massage aims to bring balance physically, spiritually and emotionally. As with Reflexology, the face is a microsystem of the body, with areas of the face corresponding to internal organs of the body. Most off all the massage promotes a feeling of well being, treating the client holistically and aims for a state of deep relaxation.




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