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Natural Food Classes in London

Natural food has a distinct advantage over your average processed food. Not only is it much fresher and you can clearly taste the difference, but natural food is so much healthier as you really don’t know what’s been sprayed on your average food item from the supermarket. This can cause a lot of nutritional value to be lost and your health to suffer after eating a simple meal. An example that has been pointed out by various researchers

Natural Food

All-Natural Smoothie.

is that natural and organic meat and dairy products have 50 percent more omega-3 fatty acids, a type of unsaturated healthy fat.

At Bodywork Massage, we offer cooking lessons for those that would like to use more natural food in their daily cooking. We exclusively make use of natural foods, so no refined sugar, no dairy either and no gluten in our food.

We can teach you to make great healthy dishes and drinks such as bone broth, restorative blended teas and herbs, raw healing sources and, dressing and fermented drinks.

Bone Broth

A simple broth, made since the beginning of time. Hunters and gatherers used the bones of dead animals and made a broth out of it. This was not for health issues, rather make the most out of the dead animals, even the parts they could not eat. Fast forward a few thousand years later, and grandparents and doctors alike are prescribing it for a simple cold.  There is a reason why people still swear by it to this day.

Bone broth is one of the most nutritional meals one could consume. Bone broth is derived from the parts of an animal that can’t be eaten, such as the bones, skin, tendons, ligaments, marrow, and feet, which are usually simmered down for a few days. Due to it having extremely useful minerals, vitamins and other natural supplements, we can safely say that it is a natural food that can help heal a lot of minor ailments.

The vitamins in the bones that are absorbed into the broth include magnesium and calcium. Both are needed to keep your bones as strong and dense as possible and can help fight conditions that affect the bones like arthritis and osteoporosis. Calcium specifically is needed to form dense bones, which is why children are recommended to drink milk, which has calcium in abundance.

Outside of building a dense bone structure, bone broth can help alleviate your skin issues. Collagen is a protein that can help you increase the elasticity of your skin, which in turn leads to fewer wrinkles and healthier skin. This supplement can be found in most bones. Collagen, and another protein named gelatine has other useful features. They can help seal your stomach lining. Many people who suffer from gastrointestinal conditions like “leaky gut” could help alleviate their stomach issues.

Restorative Blended Teas and Herbs

Tea has been a natural medicine for years, next to it is a delicious drink of course. There are much different teas you can find in this day and age, with each one having a different effect. However, drinking a cup of an average, run of the mill herbal tea has general health benefits such as helping to lower cholesterol, aiding weight loss and lowering the chances of developing diabetes and heart disease. At Bodywork Massage, we can help you make natural herbs and teas to your preference. Are there any ailments you’re suffering from? Based on your issue, we can devise a tea suited to your tastes and your health. We make mostly Japanese style green teas, which tend to have strong restorative powers.

Raw Healing Sauces and Dressings

If you would like to spice it up here and there, we can offer you some sauces and dressings to give your meal a bit of extra flavour. All are fully natural, we can offer you many different sauces and dressings based on your wishes and needs. There is no need for condiments that could have unhealthy preservatives!

Sprouting & Fermenting (Kombucha & Sourdough)

Fermented Drinks

Kombucha & Fermented Cinnamon

Sprouting is an effortless way of germinating seeds. Germinating seeds is done to ensure you get the full nutritional value out of your seeds. A straightforward way of sprouting your seeds is to keep your seeds warm and slightly moist, just like it would be if it was in the ground. Within a short time, you should see new sprouts emerge from the seed. If you like your grains for breakfast, at Bodywork Massage we can teach you how to sprout your own seeds and enjoy a healthy and nutritional breakfast.

Fermenting on the other hand, is a less straightforward process. However, the effort required for fermentation is worth it. Not only are fermented seeds easier to digest, but there is an additional taste and aroma to fermented seeds and grains. Sourdough is a prime example of fermented product that is easy to digest. The bacteria present in fermented grains kill the non-nutritional supplements in the grain.

Kombucha tea is also one of the healthiest drinks you can possibly consume. It is a drink that has been consumed for a long time in China and Russia. Made from black tea and sugar, Kombucha has a high nutritional value. The number of enzymes, minerals and vitamins in Kombucha are staggering.  Similar to the process of making sourdough, Kombucha is also a fermented drink. It has many health benefits, not limited to improved function of the pancreas and liver, but also increased energy levels and mood improvement. At Bodywork massage, we can help you ferment your grains and seeds in many ways, to keep your meals and drinks as nutritional as possible.

Other Meals and Drinks

We can offer all kinds of natural food and drinks, based on your needs and wants. From smoothies to foods that enhance liver function and boost your mental performance, we can find the right diet and meal plan for your requirements.



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