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How to Meditate With a Mantra

By Lubna Sheikh on 17th July 2017

Over theMantra Meditation past years Mantra meditation has become more and more popular. The Meditation has  two components, meditating and chanting mantras, each have a different purpose depending on the person. Like meditation, mantra meditation needs constant practice, however it is easy to master and can result in positive changes to your life.

Mantra meditation can be used by all, at any time. Mantra meditation focuses its power on the mind so that it can be decluttered from thoughts and issues that may be distracting. Clearing our minds can help relaxation and help form a deeper sense of awareness.

How to Select Your Mantra

One of the most popular mantras is simply the word “Om or Aum”. This manta is thought to be a similar sound to the one that was produced at the beginning of time, from the big bang. In the western world, meditators prefer to use a more familiar mantra; “Love” or “One” words are very popular. However, it is possible to use any word for your mantra. The mantra word needs to be something that is special to you, something that’s means a great deal. Don’t over complicate the word, keep it simple. Do not overthink the choice of a mantra, it’s better to get started with a popular mantra rather than spending time a lot time trying to find the perfect one.

When to Meditate

Mantra meditation can be done at anytime. Mantra meditation is thought to be best done in the morning or after finishing working but anytime that feels right to you is good.

Where to Meditate

Mantra meditation can be can be conducted in any location. It is recommended that the place to meditate is quiet to avoid distractions and any disruptions. This can be important in the beginning as beginners tend to be distracted more easily. Outdoor places can be ideal locations to meditate, such as the park, beach or a field. Most people however, practice mantra meditation inside, finding a quiet room where you feel comfortable.

Meditation Seating

You will need to find somewhere comfortable to sit and conduct your mantra meditation. A popular place can be on a pillow or even direct on the floor. Some prefer to sit in a chair, an arm chair or comfy office seat are common choices. Try to be sat upright and avoid lying down.

Length of Meditation

In the beginning, you can practise your mantra meditation for around 5 minutes per meditation. When you feel you are really into the mantra you can increase the time to 10 then 20 minutes each day but make sure you only meditate for the length of time that you feel comfortable. Try to be consistent with your meditation, if you are it can be more effective.

The Mantra Meditation

Close your eyes and try to relax. Focus all your attention on your breathing, in and out, feeling every breath in your lungs. When you begin to feel more relaxed start to say your mantra in your mind. Continuously repeat the mantra in your head. When you feel comfortable try chanting your mantra out loud, slowly and quietly at first. Gradually say it louder and louder and if it feels right you can repeat it quicker.

You may feel your mind wandering. If you notice this happening try to bring your attention back to your breathing and the mantra chant. Don’t worry if you get distracted whilst performing the mantra, if you are not able to keep with the chant it does not mean that you’re doing it wrong. You simply need to identify when you are thinking about other things and re-focus your attention to the mantra.

As you come out of your meditation allow yourself to slowly wake to full consciousness. This can take a minute or two.

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