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Guide to Liverpool Street Massage

By Lubna Sheikh on 30th August 2017

Guide to Liverpool Street Massage

Guide to Liverpool Street Massage

Do you live or work in Liverpool Street, London? Do you require massage services but you are unsure where to turn to? In this guide, we offer you guidance on seeking massage services in Liverpool Street.

Bodywork Massage is perhaps Liverpool Street’s #1 choice of massage services. We are located in Central London and just a short walk from Liverpool Street. Sorry guys, we only accept female clients. This is purely for technical reasons. Our massage therapists have passed many exams focusing on female massage. We’ve thus chosen to focus on the female market and it is female massage that we excel at.

Bodywork Massage is fully licenced. We specialise in Thai Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Swedish massage and Sports Massage. If you require any of these types of massage in Liverpool Street, London, be sure to contact us today for more information.

What we do in Liverpool Street

Bodywork Massage isn’t your similar massage outfit. We don’t offer pedicure or manicures. Instead, we focus entirely on massage. We offer a wide variety of massage services including Thai Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Swedish massage and Sports Massage. We also offer treatments to assist in the rehabilitation of the neck, shoulders, feet, and head.

Swedish massage in Liverpool Street

Bodywork Massage offers Swedish massage in Liverpool Street, London. Swedish massage is the ideal place to start for those of you who are new to massage. Swedish massage consists of a range of massage strokes that combine to form a highly relaxing routine. A Swedish massage is perhaps the most gentle massage type, and this will help you relax and unwind after a stressful day in the office. When we carry out Swedish massage in Liverpool Street, you sit on a massage couch and a massage therapist will apply massage oils to parts of your body being massaged.

Deep tissue massage in Liverpool Street

Deep Tissue Massage targets muscles on a much deeper level when compared to a Swedish massage. Deep Tissue Massage is reserved for clients who feel their muscles are put under strain, perhaps by visiting the gym or due to the physical demands of their work. Deep Tissue Massage is also ideal for people who exert stress upon their muscles by sitting at a computer desk during their working day. When you opt for Deep Tissue Massage, we exert pressure upon soft tissue located deep within your body. These areas are not typically affected by regular massage strokes.

Thai Massage in Liverpool Street

Thai Massage is another popular offering in Liverpool Street. Thai Massage is based on an ancient healing system. Thai Massage evolved over 2000 years ago, initially beginning in Buddhist temples. Thanks to Bodywork Massage, this ancient massage system is now available in Liverpool Street in London.

Thai Massage allows you to sharpen your awareness and to move your awareness into the present moment. Thai Massage is much more spiritual when compared to the other massage system. However, like the other massage techniques on offer in Liverpool Street, Thai Massage has many practical health benefits. Thai Massage is highly thorough because it incorporates acupressure, palming and a large number of stretching techniques. Thai Massage also incorporates many concepts borrowed from yoga. Thai Massage acts to release blockages and stimulate the flow of energy throughout your body.

Sports massage in Liverpool Street

Sports Massage is perhaps the most practical of all the massage types we offer in Liverpool Street. Sports Massage helps you to alleviate tension and stress that results from the build up of tension in soft tissue due to physical activity. Sports Massage allows you to prevent and recovery from soft tissue injury suffered as the result of any physical activity. This activity could be due to participating in a sport, or due to the everyday strains.

How much does Liverpool Street massage cost?

Bodywork Massage charges you by the hour for our services. The price is the same no matter which service you select from. This allows you to take advantage of several massage types within one sitting without the need to pay any additional fees. A 60-minute session costs £60. A 90-minute session costs £80. A 120-minute session costs £90. When you block book five sessions, the sixth session is free.

How to book today

When you are ready to book your massage in Liverpool Street, to make a booking, contact us today on 07904 786 888. Alternatively, contact us through the website. Please note, we only provide massage services to women, and not to men. To use our services, you must call ahead of your appointment. This allows us to carry out an initial assessment so we may determine the most suited form of massage for your needs.

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