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Indian Head Massage FAQ

By Lubna Sheikh on 12th November 2018

Indian Head Massages are one of the most common massage therapies worldwide. Yet, many people struggle to understand what it actually does – and how it works! Indian Head Massage is a massage therapy that will accelerate healing – both physically and mentally. In this blog post, we will go in-depth into the benefits of Indian Head Massage.

1 – What is Indian Head Massage exactly?

Indian Head Massage is a therapy massage that is mostly based on ancient Indian healing techniques under the name Ayurveda. Ayurveda is a catch all term to refer to all of the ancient Indian healing techniques. It is also the precursor to the current western medical system. As the name explains, it mostly is applied to your head and the area around it.

2- How is Indian Head Massage applied?

Indian Head Massage is applied on your head and surrounding areas with the use of oils. The oils used vary based on the season and the personality of the receiver of the massage. The massage therapist will often start with the shoulders and upper back, then move on to the head, scalp and face. The treatment usually lasts around 30 minutes, so is perfect to fit into a working day or busy day.

3- Mental Benefits of Indian Head Massage

Indian Head Massage has proven to have had an effect on your mental state. It boosts your performance at work and at school – due to the fact that it improves concentration. This is a result of the relaxing treatment which will lead to stress reduction.

Stress reduction leads to an increase of endorphins in your body will lead to an improvement in mood and anxiety levels. Regular Indian Head massage therapy sessions can only have such a positive impact on your mental health.

4- Physical Benefits of Indian Head Massage

Indian head massage also helps increase your blood flow, and therefore increasing the ability to provide more oxygen for your body. There has also been research on the effects of Indian head massage and migraine relief.

5- Why Bodywork Massage for Indian Head Massage in London?

I have a vast amount of experience with a variety of massages. Ranging from Swedish Massage to Reiki – I offer massage therapies with origins all over the world. Why not give us a call today for information? Alternatively, you can read more on our website about Indian Head Massage 

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