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The Benefits of Pregnancy Massage

By Lubna Sheikh on 28th February 2017

Benefits of pregnancy massage


Pregnancy can be a testing time for many women. Thankfully, pregnancy massage offers you many benefits. For instance, receiving frequent pregnancy massage will help you through your pregnancy without undue stress and discomfort. Pregnancy massage is particularly beneficial during the latter stages of pregnancy.

In this blog post, we shall outline the many benefits of pregnancy massage. We hope this will encourage you to invest in pregnancy massage so you can look back on this special period of your life with added positivity and joy.

We now discuss six key benefits of pregnancy massage:

1. Reduce pregnancy heartburn

Towards the conclusion of your pregnancy, you are likely to suffer from heartburn. Why? Because the baby needs more time to absorb nutrients from your food. You are also more likely to suffer from stress during the conclusion of your pregnancy, and stress also increases the likelihood of suffering heartburn. Undergoing a massage is known to counteract stress, and thus reduce the tension that exacerbates your heartburn.


2. Relieve the symptoms of anaemia

Anaemia is a condition caused by a deficiency in iron. Anaemia thus causes a deficiency in haemoglobin in the blood. Your doctor will recommend you increase your intake of iron, perhaps through the use of supplements. However, another little-known way of relieving the symptoms associated with anaemia is via massage. Why? Because massage increases your circulation, raises your red blood count and helps your body produce additional haemoglobin.


3. Reduce back pain

Back pain is synonymous with pregnancy. As your pregnancy progresses, so does the strain placed upon your back. This is particularly an issue in the lower and mid region of your back. Massage is an effective way of preventing back pain suffered during pregnancy. Why? Because back pain helps to loosen muscles in the back that have tightened up to the strain caused by the weight of your baby.


4. Reduce sciatica

Sciatica is a condition caused when stress is placed on the sciatic nerve. During your pregnancy, the weight of your baby may compress the sciatic nerve causing Sciatica. This causes sciatic pain to be experienced in the thighs, lower regions of the legs and the sole of the feet. Massage helps reduce this pain by releasing straight placed on the sciatic nerve.


5. Relieve migraines

Around 20% of pregnant women suffer from migraines. Why? Because of pregnancy-induced hormonal changes and also due to strains placed on posture due to the weight of carrying around a baby. Massage is a proven way to reduce this tension and thus also reduce migraines.


6. Reduce the risk of lasting stretch marks

During the later stages of pregnancy, your ‘bump’ may cause stretch marks around your waist and across your stomach. Massage may reduce the occurrence of stretch marks. When massage is carried out, a nourishing oil is placed on the skin. An aromatherapist will blend essential oils so it’s optimised for a pregnancy massage. This helps to nourish the skin and reduce stretch marks.


That’s all for now

We hope you enjoyed this post on the benefits of pregnancy massage. At Bodywork Massage, we offer pregnancy massage in London. Contact us today on 07904 786 888 for more information, or contact us through this website.


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