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The Benefits of Pregnancy Massage Part 2

By Lubna Sheikh on 19th December 2017

Benefits of pregnancy massageMassage has developed over hundreds of years as a tool to combat a variety of health conditions. These conditions include physical as well as mental problems.

In the last few years, massage has increasingly been utilised to help women through pregnancy. This form of massage is known as prenatal massage therapy, but this term is often abbreviated to ‘pregnancy massage’.

Some in the medical community have raised concern about the use of massage during pregnancy, and thus it is essential to locate a therapist who has received specific training in this area. At Bodywork Massage, all of our massage therapists have undergone vigorous training in pregnancy massage, ensuring both your own and your unborn baby’s safety.

What are the benefits of pregnancy massage?

At Bodywork Massage, we advocate massage for pregnant women. We do so because we have witnessed first-hand the many benefits women receive when investing in pregnancy massage. These benefits include the reduction of negative mental issues such as depression and anxiety and the relief of physical issues such as muscle soreness and joint pain. There is also evidence that pregnancy massage may improve the health and wellbeing of your unborn child.

The term ‘pregnancy massage’ is used to describe a variety of different massage techniques. Pregnancy massage is thus an umbrella term. Pregnancy massage allows the therapist to bring together many diverse techniques borrowed from many distinct branches of massage.

Together, this hodgepodge of massage techniques allows the therapist to maximise the benefits you can expect to receive when you invest in pregnancy massage.

Some other benefits you will receive if you choose to invest in pregnancy massage include:

  • Reduction in joint pain
  • Reduction in back pain
  • Reduction in edema
  • Circulation improvements
  • Reduced anxiety and depression
  • Improved sleep

Swedish massage and pregnancy massage

One group of techniques used during pregnancy massage is Swedish massage. Swedish massage is utilised because it is particularly effective at reducing mental disturbances such as anxiety and depression. Swedish massage is also effective at reducing joint pains and muscle ache.

Finally, Swedish massage also improves blood circulation because mild pressure is applied to the muscles. Swedish massage helps to relieve stress on the body that’s brought on by pregnancy-associated hormone shifts.

Pregnancy massage and hormone regulation

Many studies have proven that undergoing massage during pregnancy helps to promote hormones that contribute to stress relief and relaxation. Thus, one of the key benefits of pregnancy massage is positive mood regulation.

Experts believe pregnant women may tap into these benefits when a massage is received in only two weekly five minute sessions. Receiving two short massages a week help pregnant women reduce stress producing hormones such as norepinephrine and cortisol.

A reduction in these stress-producing hormones also helps to reduce birth complications and improve newborn health.

Edema and pregnancy massage

Edema is a condition that’s commonly experienced by pregnant women. Edema is essentially swelling of the joints due to a reduction in circulation and pressure exerted on blood vessels by the uterus.

Massage helps to reduce edema-related swelling. How? By stimulating soft tissues. This helps to reduce the collection of fluids within swollen joints.

Pregnancy massage and nerve pain

One condition commonly experienced during pregnancy is sciatic nerve pain. This is particularly the case during the latter stages of pregnancy. Sciatic pain is caused because the uterus presses against muscles located in the lower back and pelvic floor. This also affects the upper and lower legs. These parts of the body begin to swell and discomforting pressure is exerted on nerves located in this part of the body.

Pregnancy massage helps to relieve sciatic pain. How? By releasing tension exerted on the muscles in this area. Pregnancy massage helps women reduce sciatic pain experienced during their pregnancy.

Want to learn more about pregnancy massage?

If you would like to learn more about pregnancy massage, contact Bodywork Massage today on 07904 786 888. At Bodywork Massage, we employ qualified prenatal massage therapist.

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