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Indian Head Massage in London

The art of Indian Head Massage is mostly based on an older, ancient medical system from India known as Ayerveda. This healing system has been practiced as a family tradition and passed down through the generations in India for thousands of years.

Indian Head Massage has recently started to gain popularity in the West. It has become a primary form of stress management in the western world.

The massage was originally formulated to treat the hair and the hair follicles, however, over time it has developed to incorporate massage of the face, scalp, neck, the top end of your back, and arms.

An Indian Head Massage lasts around 30 minutes. It is performed through clothes and is a gentle and balancing therapy. At times of stress when often we neglect our bodies, an Indian Head Massage can bring awareness back to the body and the breathing.

Similar to meditation, daily worries and concerns may be given some perspective. Indian Head Massage incorporates mind, body and spirit. It is believed that three of the key energy centres can be found in the throat, brow and crown. These chakras relate to communication, intuition and spiritual development.

 Indian Head Massage Benefits

Indian Head Massage is a safe, and gentle therapy. It is also very effective at relieving all different types of pains, and re-energising your body. The massage promotes a deep sense of peace, calm and serenity.

There is a close relationship between the head, neck, shoulders and arms. By incorporating these areas Indian Head Massage becomes more of a stress management treatment than a beauty therapy. However, this therapy will stimulate the head and improve hair growth and condition.

 What to expect from an Indian Head Massage

indian-head-massage-treatment-london_2An Indian Head Massage is performed on a chair and through clothes. An oil treatment for the hair is optional. Indian Head Massage will usually begin with the shoulders and upper back, moving onto the arms and finally the head, scalp and face. The treatment usually lasts around 30 minutes, so is perfect to fit into a working day or a day off.

The Use of Massage Oil in an Indian Head Treatment

Oil is a nutrient for the skin and hair, it prevents dryness. Oil is absorbed through the hair follicles, the oils help stimulate the scalp, slowing the loss of hair and premature greying. In a traditional Indian Head Massage oil has a medicinal purpose, different oils are used for different constitutions, genders and personality types. There are 3 oils that I will offer in a treatment.

Sesame oil is a popular choice, it is heating, astringent and sweet. It contains essential amino acids that are important for brain functioning. Coconut oil is a favourite with women, it makes the hair healthy and shiny. It is sweet, cooling and light.

Coconut oil is beneficial for skin rashes, eczema and heat. Mustard oil is the most pungent and is more popular with men. It is sharp, bitter and heating. Prolonged use of mustard oil can prevent hair from falling out because it is stimulating in nature.

The oils are most effective if left in overnight or for a few days, however, if this doesn’t appeal a shower is available.



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My name is Lubna and I am a Holistic Food Coach, Natural Chef, Massage Specialist & Yoga teacher. I am passionate about your health and well-being. After spending years working in property management in London I was left feeling stressed and unfulfilled.

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