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Holistic Massage in London

A Holistic practitioner treats the client as a whole, considering their emotional and spiritual comfort, as well as their physical body. The term ‘holistic’ comes from the Greek word ‘holos’ meaning whole. Holistic massage pulls techniques from many traditions, merging them with a natural sensitivity to meet the needs of each client as a whole.

The holistic approach aims to restore balance within the body, taking into account the person’s whole being not just their physical symptoms.

Each massage lasts for around one hour and is performed over the whole body. While a whole body massage is often performed, sometimes a focus area may be agreed between you and I as part of the treatment set.

During and after the massage, I will advise you on how to maintain your body which will help you to keep fit. This massage is aimed at giving my clients a deep feeling of relaxation which is priceless for today’s tensed lifestyle. Energy is stimulated to flow freely and nourishing your body.

Benefits of holistic massage

This massage is guided by the quality of touch and principles of sensitivity. This enables me to work with clients by applying techniques and professional skills in an appropriate manner. The massage speeds up the natural healing processes of the body and calms the mind.  It will also help your blood circulation by reducing the effects of stress and anxiety which causes efficient breathing.

Since I have a passion for keeping my body fit, it is also my responsibility to look after yours.  Getting the right amount of sleep and rest is essential. Not only will this benefit you internally but externally also. This type of massage will improve your skin and muscle tone which will support your immune system

Holistic massage during pregnancy

During pregnancy, women may suffer from sleepless nights. My Holistic Massage helps improve one’s mind. This will also promote relaxation and reduces swelling. My professionally- trained skills can help ease the stress on weight-bearing joints such as the knees. The level of back pain, swelling and the risk of blood clots increase during pregnancy. The holistic massage improves my clients’ body awareness as they prepare for birth. Not only is my therapy beneficial before pregnancy but also has its advantages after giving birth. The massage can lighten the physical stresses of breastfeeding and holding the baby.


Meet the therapist

My name is Lubna and I am a Holistic Food Coach, Natural Chef, Massage Specialist & Yoga teacher. I am passionate about your health and well-being. After spending years working in property management in London I was left feeling stressed and unfulfilled.

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