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Deep Tissue Massage in London

Deep Tissue Massage London

At Bodywork Massage, we offer deep tissues massage in London for affordable rates.

As the name suggests, deep tissue massage works at a deeper muscular level than Swedish Massage. It is suited to clients that like the relief that deeper pressure can bring to areas of tension in the body.

Deep tissue massage will specifically target problematic areas of bodily stress and strain. These can arise for many reasons such as sitting at a computer, exercising or carrying a small child.

The higher level of pressure reaches soft tissues deep in the body that are not usually touched by regular massage. Deep Tissue Massage uses long, flowing strokes and involves the use of the therapist’s forearms, the elbows and fists, as well as the palms and thumbs to focus on specific areas of the body to release and loosen the tissue.

 What is Deep Tissue Massage?

For those who have never tried a Deep Tissue Massage before, possibly imagining that it might be painful, fear not! The pace of this massage is slow, the pressure is introduced slowly and deeply with care and respect for the body. Muscles are warmed up and only areas that need it are given deep pressure. It is the quickest way to deal with areas of muscular tension and the relief is instant.

A body that is not relaxed will not allow a therapist to work deeply so when I work that is my intention, total relaxation! When the body is relaxed the mind will follow. As a multi-disciplinary practitioner that works on a holistic level, I will usually include some classic massage techniques to other areas of the body to aid the relaxation process. I may also address other areas of aches and pain such as the neck and feet.

 Deep Tissue Massage Benefits

Deep Tissue Massage is excellent for relaxing and loosening tight muscles, tissues and stiff joints where a deeper massage is required. The benefits of Deep Tissue Massage include improved circulation, body functioning and flexibility. It can help ease stress, muscle fatigue and release “knots” in tissues. A Deep Tissue Massage can aid total relaxation which will, in turn, help the client to get a better night’s sleep outside of the treatment. It helps address postural issues and musculoskeletal imbalances and helps to integrate the mind and body.

 Deep Tissue Massage Techniques

The techniques used in a Deep Tissue Massage will usually involve the therapist using their forearms and knuckles more than their fingers. The size or gender of the therapist does not determine the level of pressure. The massage table is low, allowing the therapist to use their body weight to apply deeper pressure.  The warmth created from the initial massage techniques allows the muscles to loosen and receive deeper pressure which is gently introduced. A Deep Tissue Massage will involve using organic massage oil which nourishes the skin.

What to expect from a Deep Tissue Massage

A Deep Tissue Massage lasts for an hour or 90 minutes. The massage is performed on a massage couch and the therapist uses massage oil or wax. Less massage oil is used than in a Swedish Massage as the therapist requires more grip to slowly work with the muscles that are tense. The massage is slower than a Swedish Massage and more specifically targeted to problem areas. More time will be spent on areas that need it, such as the back , neck and shoulders. The relief is often instant.


Liverpool Street is the nearest station, however I’m about half a mile away from Shoreditch High St, Moorgate, Fenchurch and Cannon Street Stations.

Liverpool Street Train Station, City Of London EC2M 7PY

A few minutes walk from Liverpool Street Station, Bishopsgate Exit, cross the road at the traffic lights, you’ll see a Tesco’s on the other side of the road, turn left, past Boots and the next right, Middlesex Street, I’m on the right, opposite Nando’s.

Shoreditch High Street Train Station, Hackney E1 6GJ

15 minutes walk. Come out of the station, take a left on Bishopsgate, walk down until you see the Wooden Shades pub, lake a left, crossing the road onto Middlesex Street, I’m opposite Nando’s.

Moorgate Train Station, City Of London EC2Y 9AE

12 minutes walk, come out of the station, take a left onto Moorfields, then a right on to South Place, turning Eldon Street until you see Itsu, the road bends to the right, take a left on to Liverpool Street.

Fenchurch Street Train Station, City Of London EC3 4AJ

12 minutes walk, come out of the station, take a left on to Fenchurch Street, then at the junction take a right on to Bishopsgate, walk along on the right hand side until you see Dirty Dicks pub and take another right onto Middlesex Street, I’m opposite Nando’s.

Cannon Street Train Station, City Of London EC4N 6AP

17 minutes walk, come out of the station, take a right on to Walbrook,walk  past Bank tube station, carry on until Threadneedle Street, then on to Bishopgate, cross over to the right hand side, past Dirty Dicks pub, next right on to Middlesex Street. I’m opposite Nando’s.