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The Benefits of Pregnancy Massage

  Pregnancy can be a testing time for many women. Thankfully, pregnancy massage offers you many benefits. For instance, receiving frequent pregnancy massage will help you through your pregnancy without undue stress and discomfort. Pregnancy massage is particularly beneficial during the latter stages of pregnancy. In this blog post, we shall outline the many benefits […]

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The Basic Techniques of Swedish Massage [INFOGRAPHIC]

In this blog post, we reveal our lastest infographic titled: “The Basic Techniques of Swedish Massage.” This infographic is a handy reference guide for anyone who’s new to Swedish Massage. In the infographic, we explain each of the basic techniques involved during a Swedish Massage. This includes effleurage, petrissage, friction, tapotement, vibration and joint motion. […]

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The Basic Techniques of Thai Massage [INFOGRAPHIC]

In this post, we unveil our latest infographic titled: “The Basic Techniques of Thai Massage”. We provide Thai Massage in London, and many of our clients may use this infographic to understand what Thai massage involves.  This infographic details the eight most common hand techniques used in Thai massage. This guide helps you master these techniques […]

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The Ultimate Guide to Deep Tissue Massage

  In this post, we shall discuss the topic of deep tissue massage. In a nutshell, deep muscle massage aims to realign deep layers of muscles. It’s primarily used to rid muscles of aches and pains. It’s also used to treat neck, back and shoulder pain, and general discomforts in the musculature. How deep tissue […]

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