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The Benefits of Reiki

Reiki is an old Japanese healing technique, which is done by delivering vital healing energy by means of touch. Not only does it help with the physical issues you might suffer from, but also psychologically. The Reiki movement started in the early 1920s by Mikao Usui, after studying ancient healing methods for years. The main […]

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The Benefits of Healing Bone Broth

One of the most popular health foods of recent years is bone broth. Celebrities and athletes swear by it due to a variety of reasons. Bone broth has been used throughout history. Hunters and gatherers drank it, not only because they wanted to make the most from their catches but also because of its extensive […]

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The Benefits of Pregnancy Massage Part 2

Massage has developed over hundreds of years as a tool to combat a variety of health conditions. These conditions include physical as well as mental problems. In the last few years, massage has increasingly been utilised to help women through pregnancy. This form of massage is known as prenatal massage therapy, but this term is […]

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Guide to Liverpool Street Massage

Do you live or work in Liverpool Street, London? Do you require massage services but you are unsure where to turn to? In this guide, we offer you guidance on seeking massage services in Liverpool Street. Bodywork Massage is perhaps Liverpool Street’s #1 choice of massage services. We are located in Central London and just […]

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How to Meditate With a Mantra

Over the past years Mantra meditation has become more and more popular. The Meditation has  two components, meditating and chanting mantras, each have a different purpose depending on the person. Like meditation, mantra meditation needs constant practice, however it is easy to master and can result in positive changes to your life. Mantra meditation can […]

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The Benefits of Chair Yoga

Yoga, when practised regularly, could help prevent injuries and prevent or slow down diseases, whilst having a positive impact on your general health. Yoga is not just for young supple people who can bend into any shape. You may be surprised to learn that yoga is enjoyed by the elderly and those with mobility and […]

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An Introduction to Sports Massage London

The physical demand from athletes and many very active people is tremendous during training and while competing in their respective sports. Injuries are common and muscle strain and pain is an everyday occurrence for them. In order to help these athletes perform better and recover from injury, many turn to sports massage. Lubna, from Bodywork […]

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Yoga for Computer Users

Believe it or not, there once was a time when Facebook and Twitter did not consume 85% of our day. Back then we had other productivity suckers like solitaire and minesweeper! Whatever you spend your time doing at the computer, most of us do sit for an awful long amount of time hunched over that […]

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The Benefits of Indian Head Massage

Indian head massage, more commonly known as Champi in Hindi, is a term for an alternative form of massage therapy. Basically, this head massage is designed to manoeuvre the energy flow by massaging the head, neck, and face. The main purpose of an Indian head massage is to free the energy channels of negative energy […]

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Can Yoga help with Arthritis?

A life spent coping with arthritis pain is not something that anyone would like to happen to them. Across the world, any people suffer the aches and pains of damaged or inflamed joints. Some people find these aches and pains uncomfortable, and some people become almost crippled as a result of this debilitating disease. Arthritis […]

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